Here are the Parametric Pcells available in the PDK


mimcap_1([m3_layer, via3_size, via3_layer, ...])

Return mimcap_1 Pcell

mimcap_2([m4_layer, via4_size, via4_layer, ...])

Return mim cap between metal 4 and 5.

nmos([diffusion_layer, poly_layer, ...])

Return NMOS.

nmos_5v([diffusion_layer, poly_layer, ...])

Return NMOS_5v.

npn_W1L1([E_width, E_length, B_width, ...])

Return npn_W1L1.

npn_W1L2([E_width, E_length, B_width, ...])

Return npn device with emitter size 1*2.

p_n_poly([p_poly_width, p_poly_length, ...])

Return p- poly resistor with sheet resistance of 2000 ohms/square.

p_p_poly([p_poly_width, p_poly_length, ...])

Return p+ poly resistor with sheet resistance of 300 ohms/square.

pmos([diffusion_layer, poly_layer, ...])

Return PMOS.

pmos_5v([diffusion_layer, poly_layer, ...])

Return PMOS_5v.

pnp([E_width, E_length, B_width, C_width, ...])

Return pnp.

via_generator([width, length, via_size, ...])

Return vias within the area of width x length and set number of rows and number of columns as a global variable to be used outside the function.