gdsfactory training#

You can Colab

Or Install gdsfactory locally on your computer.

1. Install Python#

  • Make sure you have python 3.10 or 3.11 installed on your computer. Here is the anaconda installer.

2. Install Klayout#

  • Download klayout

  • Install klive klayout plugin to be able to see live updates on your GDS files fom the klayout GUI Tools --> Manage Packages --> Install New Packages --> Klive

  • Install gdsfactory klayout plugin for the genericpdk layermap

KLayout klive KLayout package

3. Install gdsfactory#

  • Install VSCode python editor to open the notebooks.

  • Install gdsfactory using pip in an anaconda prompt opened as Administrator.

pip install "gdsfactory gplugins[femwell,gmsh,meow,sax,tidy3d]" --upgrade

anaconda prompt

4. Download notebooks#