gplugins 0.14.0

gplugins 0.14.0#

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gdsfactory plugins:

  • devsim TCAD device simulator.

  • meow Eigen Mode Expansion (EME).

  • femwell Finite Element Method Solver (heaters, modes, TCAD, RF waveguides).

  • gmsh mesh structures.

  • tidy3d Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) simulations on the cloud using GPU.

  • lumerical For Ansys FDTD and Circuit interconnect.

  • klayout for fill, dataprep and testing.

  • ray for distributed computing and optimization.

  • sax S-parameter circuit solver.

  • schematic: for bokeh schematic editor and path_length_analysis.

  • meep for FDTD.

  • mpb for MPB mode solver.

  • elmer for electrostatic (capacitive) simulations.

  • palace for full-wave driven (S parameter) and electrostatic (capacitive) simulations.

  • vlsir for parsing GDS-extracted circuit netlists into Spice, Spectre and Xyce Schematic File formats.


You can install most plugins with:

pip install "gdsfactory[full]" --upgrade


pip install "gplugins[devsim,femwell,gmsh,schematic,meow,meshwell,ray,sax,tidy3d]" --upgrade

Or install only the plugins you need. For example:

pip install "gplugins[schematic,femwell,meow,sax,tidy3d]" --upgrade

Non-pip plugins#

The following plugins require special installation as they can’t be installed with pip:

  • For Meep and MPB you need to use conda or mamba on MacOS, Linux or Windows WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) with conda install pymeep=*=mpi_mpich_* -c conda-forge -y

  • For Elmer, refer to Elmer FEM – Installation for installation or compilation instructions each platform. Gplugins assumes ElmerSolver, ElmerSolver_mpi, and ElmerGrid are available in your PATH environment variable.

  • For Palace, refer to Palace – Installation for compilation instructions using Spack or Singularity. Gplugins assumes palace is available in your PATH environment variable.

Getting started#