ubcpdk (SiEPIC Ebeam PDK) 2.5.0#

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SiEPIC Ebeam PDK adapted from siepic Ebeam PDK for gdsfactory. It provides a fully python driven flow alternative for the most advanced users taking the edx course


Installation for users#

Use python3.10 or python3.11. We recommend VSCode as an IDE.

If you don’t have python installed on your system you can download anaconda

Once you have python installed, open Anaconda Prompt as Administrator and then install the latest gdsfactory using pip.

anaconda prompt

pip install ubcpdk --upgrade

Then you need to restart Klayout to make sure the new technology installed appears.

Installation for developers#

For developers you need to fork, git clone the GitHub repository, git add, git commit, git push and merge request your changes.

git clone https://github.com/gdsfactory/ubc.git
cd ubc
pip install -e . pre-commit
pre-commit install
python install_tech.py