KLayout integration

KLayout integration#

Klayout is an open source layout viewer and editor. In gdsfactory code driven flow you define your components, circuits and reticles in python or YAML code.

For rapid iteration, gdsfactory comes with a Klayout macro klive that runs inside klayout, so that when you run component.show() in python, it displays your GDS in Klayout.


You can install the klayout klive plugin to be able to see Component.show() to live update your GDS without having do File -> Open -> Select GDS

You can also install metainfo_ports to show ports in the Component.

We recommend 4 packages:

  1. klive: to send CAD files from python directly into klayout.

  2. metainfo_ports: to show ports interactively.

  3. gdsfactory: to get the generic PDK layermap.

  4. klayout_pyxs: to visualize 2D cross_sections when using the ruler.

KLayout package